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Jennifer Himes is an artist and puppeteer based in Orlando Florida.

Jennifer moved to Orlando and began her professional puppetry career in 2016, but her involvement in the art form began over ten years ago. Through college and graduate school, Jennifer used puppetry and performance art to teach moral character concepts to children in community outreach and youth camps. As a freelance artist, she has created illustrations for children’s literature, YouTube channels, and award-winning short films. She has performed in local theme parks and theatre productions (performing the man eating plant “Audrey II” twice!)

In 2017 she joined the MicheLee Puppets team as the lead performer for “Rhyme Time: Reading Readiness,” a musical show for preschoolers featuring colorful puppets and giant pop up book.

A graduate of “Beyond the Sock” (taught by Muppeteers Peter Linz and Noel MacNeal) Jen also uses her on-camera puppetry skills to perform in MicheLee Puppets’ videos “Inner and Outer Planets” as well as the upcoming “Tempus Fugit” film created to accompany the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. Jen also helps at our “Onscreen Puppet Jams”, evenings of open on-camera play.

Jennifer has accumulated a wide variety of skills in fine art, music and theatre and enjoys using her talents to bring inspiration, hope and silliness to audiences of all ages.



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